Short-Term Rental Housing Deal- Coastal Oceanside, CA

Our business model is simple:

1. Buy 314 Beach Lofts & STR the units.
2. Generate annual profits for our investors.
3. Sell when market conditions are favorable.
— Jim Simcoe, Managing Member

Deal Summary

  • 10 luxury units built for short-term rental housing in Coastal Oceanside, CA.

  • Project includes fully approved final condominium map.

  • Wholly owned HOA (no potential neighbor complaints/issues)

  • Zoning allows for short-term rentals and corporate housing

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About 314 Beach Lofts

  • Address: 314 N. Cleveland Street, Oceanside, CA, 92054

  • Description: Luxury vacation rental lofts in a walkable community by the beach in Oceanside, California

  • Brand new construction, built using the latest in green building methods & materials

  • 10 residential lofts, 2 retail condos

  • Mix of 2 & 3 bedroom lofts, 1000-2100 square feet

  • Open floor-plans, luxury appliances, oversized balconies

  • 2 community decks & ocean view deck

  • Approx. total retail square feet = 1370

STR Advantages

  • Centrally located- two blocks to Amtrak, Downtown and the world famous Oceanside Pier.

  • 30 mins to Downtown San diego, 45 minutes to Orange County, 90 minutes to Los Angeles.

  • Units are oversized with luxury amenities for longer stays.

  • Little luxury STR competition in local area.

  • HOA allows for three-day minimum stays.

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About Oceanside, CA

  • Located in North County San Diego, Oceanside is a highly sought after destination perfect for STR properties. Oceanside features a walkable downtown located by the world famous Oceanside Pier with shops, restaurants, breweries, etc.

  • Oceanside is uniquely positioned for corporate short-term housing with close proximity to Downtown San Diego, Orange County and within 90 mins of Los Angeles.

  • Amtrak Station is located within two blocks so it’s perfect for commuter travel.

  • City generates roughly $2.7M annually from STR so they are very pro-STR.

Our Competitive Advantages

  • HOAs written specifically for STR allowing us to be one of the only properties operating legally in the Oceanside area.

  • Executive team is made up of experts in STR, real estate and hospitality.

  • Brand new luxury homes with upgraded appliances & finishes; large windows, lots of natural light, etc.

  • Close to everything (beach, restaurants, shops, transit, etc).

  • Little competition.

  • City government prefers our project to be an STR property.


Why This Deal Works

  • Property can be utilized for corporate short-term housing, long-term rentals, vacation retnals or a combination of all three.

  • Flexible exit plan- With a final condo map already in place the units can be sold at any time as condos.

  • Very little competition: 314 Beach Lofts is the only new construction project in the Oceanside market that legally allows short-term rentals.

  • Large market of vacationers looking for short-term rentals year round in Oceanside.

  • Great location for corporate housing- can serve SD, OC and LA easily with nearby Amtrak station.

  • Lots of amenities for STR including ocean view deck, 2 patios, oversized balconies, extra storage, oversized elevator, etc.

  • Located in a walkable community with a Walk Score of 90 (out of 100).

Risk Mitigation

  • The approved condo map in place allows us the flexibility to sell one or all of the units at any time if/when favorable conditions present themselves OR if city regulations change.

  • We control the HOA so there is no risk of another owner in the building shutting us down.

  • We have two ways to make money outside of STR. We can operate as long term rentals or sell the units. This allows us to mitigate market conditions and city regulations effectively.

  • Very little competition: 314 is the only new construction in the immediate market that legally allows short-term rentals.

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The Team…

  • You are investing in a team of experts with over 75 years of combined experience in STR, real estate, real estate development, hospitality, property management and corporate relocations.

  • Our team is intimately familiar with both the local market and city officials and organizations that influence it.

  • We have “boots on the ground” and are ready to deploy our team once we take control of the property.


  • STR luxury property that appeals to a variety of target markets.

  • Mitigated risk through a flexible exit plan.

  • Great coastal location, close to everything.

  • Full control of HOA.

  • Final condominium map in place.

  • Available June 2019.


Questions? Contact:

Jim Simcoe


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